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Issue 207
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Highlights from HALI 207: 

Lulu Lytle of Soane Britain on design, integrity and her passion for antique textiles

Anatomy of an object
A carpet from Algeria

Travellers’ tales
Georgia and the textile traditions that exemplify the country’s unique culture and spirit

Tibetan court carpets • Embroidered Chinese cushion covers • Turkish domestic embroidery • Five millennia of the arts of Iran • Indian embroideries • Kilims from the Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art Museum • Greek island embroideries

‘Kimono Couture: The Beauty of Chiso’ at Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA • ‘Interdisciplinary Workshop in Textile Studies: Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Productions’ at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki • Velvets of the Fifteenth Century • Preserving the Past: A Selection from the Sadberk Hanim Museum

London spring sales • Swedish textiles • Asia Week New York • San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show • Auction price guide

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‘International Exhibition of Persian Art’ at the Royal Academy of Arts in London in 1931



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