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Issue 217
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Highlights from HALI 217: 

Alberto Levi Robert Mann is something of a carpet restoration guru, with a career spanning more than forty years

Anatomy of an object
A Nasrid silk in a remarkably fine state, from the Hispanic Society of America

Common thread
Across a historical continuum, poetry and woven works have engaged in dialogue. Whether it is incorporated as calligraphic inscription or pictorial conceit, poetic verse in textiles helps to visually transmit messages concerning mortality, love and religious faith

A study of the 19th-century Syrian ‘aba garmentA new book explores how the hippie generation travelled east and brought back textile treasuresEvocative paper labels on Indian textiles tell stories of an India that wasFour carpets at the Horniman Museum in London offer a virtual tour of Romania’s geography and history •  Armenian needle lace at the Fowler Museum embody stories of communityThe connection between people and salt, told through salt bagsThe concept of pun in pua’ kumbu’ textiles

The late British decorator Robert Kime’s collection is offered for auction at Dreweatts, Newbury • Auction price guide

‘Loose Ends: The Art of Weaving’ at MARKK, Hamburg‘Textile Treasures from Sainte-Foy Abbey in Conques’ at Abegg-Stiftung, Riggisberg, introduced by Dominique Wyss

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A new exhibition at the RISD Museum features 150 years of Diné textiles for wearing



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