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African Textiles
African Textiles

African Textiles. The Karun Thakar Collection 

By Duncan Clarke, Bernhard Gardi, Karun Thakar and Miriam Ali-de-Unzaga

This book offers a fascinating journey through the history and culture of textiles in Africa drawn from the private collection of Karun Thakar, widely considered to be one of the best in the world.

This collection of rare and exquisite textiles from Central, Northern, and West Africa includes weavings from Ghana, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast; embroideries, veils, and haiks from Morocco and Tunisia; and raffia fabrics from Congo. Organised by region, each piece is dramatically photographed to highlight the extraordinary colours, patterns, and skill with which it was created. Drawn from a collection consisting of over 4,000 pieces, this book illustrates the most important textiles from the renowned collection. The book provides not only an inspiring sample of timeless patterns and designs but also a historical perspective that deepens our understanding of the importance of woven materials in the African tradition.

320 pages


230 colour illustrations 

English text 



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