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From Myth to Art: Anatolian Kilims
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From Myth to Art: Anatolian Kilims

Edited by Ali Rıza Tuna, copy editing by Bethany Mendenhall

Opening new perspectives, From Myth to Art: Anatolian Kilims, by Ali Rıza Tuna, is an immersive exploration of these powerfully evocative Anatolian flatweaves.

Beyond their utilitarian function as decorated weavings, Anatolian kilims provide the medium for a unique iconographic tradition practised and observed over several millennia by the region’s nomadic cultures. In the spirit of Hans Belting’s An Anthropology of Images or Ernst Cassirer’s philosophy of cultures, the author revisits the current paradigms of Anatolian kilim studies and develops a fresh art-historical vision through which to understand these flatweaves. A detailed essay accompanies 85 illustrated examples.

The important kilims presented in this book include a 15th-century Anatolian zili, the oldest to be radiocarbon dated so far, here published for the first time. A dedicated section offers the radiocarbon results for seven kilims, all displayed and discussed with detailed measurement curves. There is also a select bibliography representing both the previous kilim literature and publications relating to the cited anthropological and art-historical concepts.

Ali Rıza Tuna is an independent researcher and textile collector in various aspects of early Anatolian carpets. His research focus is the aesthetics and design development of Turkish carpets in the 13th–16th centuries as well as the study of Anatolian kilims and other weavings. He has given many talks and presented articles in several international conferences and seminars.

260 pages



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