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Balandran Soft Cover
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Balandrán: The Giles W. Mead & Parry Mead Murray Collection of Aymara Ponchos 


During the 1970s, Giles W. Mead, then director of the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, collected an exemplary group of twenty Balandrán ponchos from Bolivia. It was exhibited at the William Siegal Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the summer of 2014. Among the tens of thousands of handwoven Andean textiles made during the Spanish colonial period and into the 19th century, the Balandrán ponchos in the Mead Collection represent a high point of native weaving. Every poncho was an heirloom, carefully stored and passed down through the generations. 

William Siegal Gallery 

95 pages 
Soft cover

45 colour plates 

English text 

ISBN: 978-0-692-22643-8 



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