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The Handmade Carpet
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The Handmade Carpet. A Comprehensive Guide to Contemporary Rugs

By Fritz Langauer & Ernst Swietly

The handmade rug industry has gone through a revolution in the last twenty-five years, and no one is better placed to explain how and why than Fritz Langauer and Ernst Swietly, who have been buying, making, collecting and writing about rugs for over fifty years. Rugs are now being made in colours and designs unimagined just a few decades ago. This new book is the only title available that shows how carpet making has changed in all traditional rug making nations as well as demonstrating through images of rugs in interior settings how the style and use of rugs has developed. Carpets carry many unspoken narratives about peoples and places—this book reveals some of these for the first time thanks to the first-hand experience of the authors in the souks and bazars of the Middle East.

320 pages
350 colour and 20 black and white illustrations



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