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Indian Textiles: 1,000 years of art and design
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Indian Textiles: 1,000 years of art and design

By Karun Thakar, Rosemary Crill, Avalon Fotheringham, Sylvia Houghteling and Steven Cohen

This book features items from one of the world’s foremost private collections of Indian textiles, the Karun Thakar Collection, together with key pieces from two recently united American collections, The Textile Museum and the Cotsen Textile Traces Study Collection in Washington, DC. The publication offers a unique approach to understanding Indian textile culture through reference to three distinct traditions: abstract, floral, and figurative design.

With essays by three leading international Indian textile curators, the focus on textile ornament rather than date, region, usage, or technique provides new perspective and scholarship on this ancient artistic tradition. The book also highlights the tradition’s remarkable diversity, with objects ranging from folk embroideries to Mughal courtly weavings, and from early textiles traded to Egypt and Southeast Asia to 18th-century chintzes exported to Europe.

391 pages



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