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Kelims und Andere Flachgewebe
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Kelims und Andere Flachgewebe
Kelims und Andere Flachgewebe

Kelims und Andere Flachgewebe

By Hamid Sadighi Neiriz and Karin Hawkes with a contribution by John T. Wertime 


A beautifully produced large format catalogue of the Neiriz Collection of antique kilims and other flatweaves from Anatolia, the Transcaucasus region and Persia, with many previously unpublished and unseen examples of the highest quality, some of them ‘best of type’. The 190 kilims and other types of village, tribal and nomadic flatweaves illustrated represent the entire Neiriz Collection, past and present, including a small number of pieces now in the Ignazio Vok and other leading collections.  


268 pages 

190 colour plates 

German and English text 




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