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Nomadic Visions: Tribal Weavings
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Nomadic Visions: Tribal Weavings
Nomadic Visions: Tribal Weavings

Nomadic Visions: Tribal Weavings from Persia and the Caucasus

By Michael Rothberg

The Michael and Amy Rothberg Collection of bags and other rare small-format pile weavings, among them many pieces made for women's dowries and other ceremonial functions, is recognised as the best of its kind anywhere in the world. The collection has been carefully and thoughtfully assembled over the past four decades. The scope of the collection includes antique pile bags, from the Transcaucasus region, as well as from the Shahsavan, Kurdish, Varamin region, Qashqa'i, Khamseh, Luri, Bakhtiari, Afshar and Baluch tribes of Iran.

320 pages



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