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Tibetan Dress in Amdo and Kham
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Tibetan Dress in Amdo and Kham
Tibetan Dress in Amdo and Kham

Tibetan Dress in Amdo and Kham

By Gina Corrigan

Exploring the vast range of styles, materials and techniques used in the making of traditional Tibetan clothing and ornaments, this book takes an intimate look at the different cultural groups within this diverse region, discussing how traditional costume relates to their everyday life. Gina Corrigan is a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and an avid collector of textiles and costumes from southwest China, some of which have been acquired and exhibited by the British Museum. In 1980, she launched a specialist tour and travel business and continues to organise and lead regular tours to China. Illustrated with her evocative photographs from field trips over three decades and enriched with original observations and in-depth interviews with nomads and farmers in the historical Tibetan regions of Amdo and Kham, this book is a visual journey that documents her extensive knowledge of the people, their costumes and related crafts. 

290 pages
500+ colour illustrations




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